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Mixed Striking Championship, LLC (“Mixed Striking Championship,” “MSC” or the “Company”) is a fight promotion, marketing and presentation company of Mixed Striking Arts (“MSA”). MSA is a premier professional striking sport that encompasses fierce combinations of the best elements associated with all striking disciplines.

Founded in 2012 by long time mixed martial artist Wayne Bermudez, MSA has been approved by the Florida Boxing Commission in terms of style of fighting, proprietary glove design, rules and regulations. MSA is a new style of fighting that has been carefully crafted by taking the most exciting aspects of all striking disciplines to allow any style of striking sport to compete against each other. Although it has its similarities to existing combat sports such as mixed martial arts (“MMA”) or boxing, MSA has grown over the past three (3) years to become a recognized, standalone combat sport with fantastic consumer acceptance and demand. The main differentiator of MSA includes: 1) its proprietary, patent approved gloves called the EVO glove; 2) the omission of takedowns and submissions; and 3) its focus on non-stop, action packed, full-contact mixed stand-up fighting.

Mixed Striking Arts is a simmering cocktail of realism, an adrenaline injection and improvised movement ever to be found in a legal fight. Spectators and participants alike feel the rush preceding the delivery of the next blow.

Since inception, the Company has made three (3) major accomplishments.

  1. Mixed Striking Arts (MSA): MSA has been accepted by the combat sports community as a standalone combat sport. Whereas MMA fights traditionally includes grappling and a “ground game,” in which opponents can fight while on the ground using submission holds, MSA forbids any ground game, making for a much more intense, adrenaline-fueled experience for the viewer.
  1. Proprietary EVO Glove:The Company has designed, developed and patented its own fighting glove for the sport. The EVO Glove was meticulously created to reduce the chance of eye-gouging during a fight, while retaining the relaxed, closed-finger model that traditional gloves use, while still allowing the ability to grab your opponent or interlock your hands.
  1. Mixed Striking Championships (MSC): MSC is the amalgamation of the two aforementioned points. The Company has successfully establisheda promotional company that creates, organizes and hosts MSA fights. The Company has established itself as the first and ONLY MSA-based promotional company that holds live MSA events for the public. With a list of fighters from allstriking discipline looking to compete on the next upcoming MSA event, as well as lengthy press releases and media coverage of the events, the Company is a fully-operational entity that’s carving a niche for itself in the world of combat sports.
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