Exclusive interview with Mixed Striking Championship promoter Wayne Bermudez

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By: Eric Holden

Mixed Striking Championship promoter Wayne Bermudez said April 19 in an exclusive interview with AXS that his promotion gives fight fans the opportunity to see high-level striking, without boring ground attacks and dull “lay-and-pray” offense. Mixed Striking Championship focuses on striking arts, including boxing and Muay Thai.

There are no tapouts, just knockouts. Could Mixed Striking Championship be a game-changer in the realm of MMA? There’s no doubt about it.

Let’s be honest: Many fight fans have been turned off from MMA and the UFC in recent years because so many fighters utilize uninspired, uneventful wrestling tactics.

Lately, experienced fighters seem to know its a smart tactic to take the fight to the mat whenever they get in trouble in the standup game. It’s a great strategy to avoid getting knocked out, but it’s also a reason why fans have lost interest in the sport.

Bermudez saw firsthand how fans have gotten tired of watching ground fighting, especially during live events.

Mixed Striking Championship could change the landscape of MMA

Photo by Eric Holden

Watching on television is one thing, but ground fighting is especially difficult to watch in person. Fans attending a live event have to look through a cage to see what’s going on in a fight, as compared to television, where fans can look down on the action.

Fight fans generally get pumped up at live events only when fighters keep the bout in standup position.

Since Mixed Striking Championship won’t allow fighters to go to the mat, it should make for a crowd-pleasing viewing experience, both on television and in person.

“I want to see the striking game evolve with more fluid striking and not just what we see today ( K1 Kickboxing, Muay Thai). It’s a great opportunity for all traditional Martial Artists and styles to compete as professionals without the fear of being taken to the ground,” Bermudez told AXS. “This gives fight fans the opportunity to witness the beauty of all striking disciplines.

“If you study TaeKwonDo, for example, I want you to fight the same way you train. I don’t want you to change anything, but rather adapt and evolve, hence my vision on wanting to see the arts grow into something we haven’t seen before.”

Could Mixed Striking Championship attract fighters such as Pat Barry or Quinton Jackson, former UFC brawlers who have grown weary of the wrestling aspect of the game? That is certainly a possibility. Bermudez says he’s trying to sign MMA fighters and boxers from across the world.

“We’re looking for new talent because we have a bigger pool of fighters to choose from from all over the globe,” Bermudez said. “However, we are in talks with current MMA fighters and boxers as well.”

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